Welcome to the Queen's Award winning Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification.

Welcome to the Queen's Award winning Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification. We are a multidisciplinary team of academics who teach over 500 students (UG and PG) per year; our research was returned as impact cases in the last REF; we hold grants from UK research funding councils and the EU; we publish extensively; we have a high volume of public outreach and engagement work; we work with policy makers and we are actively involved in forensic casework and the provision of evidence to the UK criminal justice system.
At the core of much of what we do is the study of human anatomy and this is dependent on the relationship that we maintain with those who choose to bequeath their remains to the University for the purposes of education and research. Over 80 bodies a year are donated to CAHID and our work could not progress without the selfless gift of bequeathal. A few years ago we introduced the Thiel soft fix approach to embalming which results in a cadaver that is more suited to medical, surgical and dental interaction. We remain leaders for this within the UK and our work has resulted in new approaches for surgical procedures, has assisted in the design and development of new technologies and surgical devices and improved the understanding of many new and exciting advances.
Within the field of forensic human identification we work with the police and other investigative agencies to assist with both national and international crimes where bringing the perpetrator to justice is at the forefront of our achievements. We are recognised experts in several areas with the National Crime Agency and we have strong relationships with Police training colleges in the UK. Our staff regularly present evidence in criminal courts in the UK and overseas, often in extremely high profile cases. Over 400 cases per year come to CAHID from police forces across the UK. Our research disciplines increased recently with the introduction of new staff and now fire investigation, drug analysis, fingerprint enhancement and detection of explosives augment our research portfolio.
Please feel free to browse around our website and to get in touch with us if you are interested in becoming a student with CAHID, if you wish information about the bequeathal process or any other area where you think we may be of assistance.