The Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification, winner of the 2013 Queen’s Award for Higher Education, is the only place in the UK, and one of the few in the world, where you can learn your anatomy by carrying out full body dissection on the remarkable, realistic Thiel embalmed cadavers.

Thiel embalmed cadavers

Completely unlike the unnatural and inflexible results of the more common formalin embalming process, Thiel cadavers retain their flexibility, colour and properties, providing you with a first class anatomical learning experience. Because we believe that this is the best way to learn anatomy, we’ve built a brand new mortuary dedicated to this innovative, soft-fix embalming technique.

Whether you come to Dundee as an undergraduate or a postgraduate, you will spend 9 hours a week in small groups of 3-5 with your own Thiel cadaver, investigating the human body from head to toe.

Major anatomical topics 

As well as receiving expert tuition in gross anatomy, you will cover all the other major anatomical topics: neuroanatomy (including dissecting the brain); embryology; and histology, where a full year (undergraduate only) is spent mirroring the subjects in gross anatomy, developing significant skills in use of one of the most common tools in modern biomedicine, the microscope.

These practical skills are reinforced with modern technology in the form of our own Dundee Virtual Microscope, allowing you to access dozens of high resolution tissues from anywhere with internet access on almost any device.

We do not just teach anatomy here, although that is an important function of the Centre, providing education for a variety of undergraduate and taught postgraduate students, including medicine, dentistry, anatomy, forensic anthropology, forensic art, medical art, and biomedical engineering.

Modern dissection methods

The distinctive properties of our Thiel bodies allow surgical and clinical techniques to be practised, and have been consistently rated ‘excellent/very good’ by our surgical trainees and consultants. Their unique properties also make them ideal for innovative research, and we work closely with our clinical colleagues to push the boundaries of modern translational research. Coming to Dundee will allow you to gain the benefit of these cadavers by carrying out state-of-the-art anatomical research.

If you want to learn your anatomy by combining the best of the past with the best of the future, then our modern dissection methods using the innovative Thiel cadavers will give you a unique and memorable learning experience.

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