Undergraduate Courses

BSc Anatomical Sciences

The first two years of the degree provide a general introduction to the life sciences through an integrated study programme which remains broadly-based and multidisciplinary covering topics such as genetics, comparative physiology, and human form and function. The third year focuses on the developmental, microstructural and gross anatomy of the human body; students will take a comprehensive anatomical training in histology, embryology, neuroanatomy, and gross anatomy. The fourth year offers a choice of modules at BSc (Hons) level. Full details.

BSc Forensic Anthropology

This four year degree is unique in that it combines specialist teaching in forensic anthropology with the detailed study of human anatomy, much of it practically based. Graduates with this degree will become competent in functional anatomy, dissection techniques, human and non-human skeletal identification and analysis, human tissue imaging, bone biosciences, the use of appropriate instrumentation, and the critical analysis of current research in forensic anthropology and human identification. Full details.

MBChB and BDS Anatomy

We contribute anatomy teaching to the undergraduate MBChB and BDS programmes (medical and dental students), in which students dissect human cadavers - in the case of dental students this concentrates on the head and neck. Full details