DVI and Forensic Anthropology

Forensic Anthropologists can play a vital part in a DVI response, assisting both at the scene, at triage and in the mortuary. The skills of a forensic anthropologist can speed the process of body recovery and identification after any disaster and the presence of an anatomically trained forensic anthropologist can be especially valuable after disasters which have resulted in the extensive disruption of bodies.

At the Scene:

  • Are the remains human?
  • Have all of the fragments been recovered?

At Triage:

  • Identification of disrupted remains
  • Minimum number of individuals

At the mortuary:

  • Are the remains human?
  • Separation of individuals 
  • Provision of a biological profile
  • Analysis of images such as radiographs and CT scans
  • Assistance with trauma analysis
  • Assistance with the location of unique identifiers