Thiel Cadaver Facility












Dundee is one of the only departments in the UK to embalm bodies using the Thiel soft-fix method, which preserves them with life-like flexibility and tissue quality. Bodies are retained for up to three years, and then cremated or returned to the family for burial if they so wish.

Our Thiel cadavers are in regular use:

  • as a model for training in surgical, diagnostic and interventional procedures
  • as a model for research and development of new medical devices and techniques
  • for anatomy teaching and research at all level

Our department is regulated by the Anatomy Act (Scotland) and Her Majesty's Inspector of Anatomy for Scotland. Before anybody, student or surgeon, can work with the cadavers they need to sign a form to demonstrate compliance with our regulations which safeguard the respectful treatment of the cadavers and the responsible use of this invaluable resource.

The work is overseen by the Thiel Advisory Committee, which has representatives from CAHID and other departments within the University of Dundee.