Hannah Raspe, BSc Anatomical Sciences

“The staff are really great, very helpful and enthusiastic about what they’re teaching. You can tell from the way that they teach that they really, really love what they do. One lecturer in particular really manages to infect everyone with his enthusiasm.

“Initially, I did Biological Sciences, but I changed after second year as I wanted to focus on anatomy. Recently, we’ve been focussing on full body dissection which has been a lot of fun. It might not be everybody’s thing, but I’ve enjoyed it a lot. The practical application of what you hear in lectures helps so much. It’s fascinating to learn how people work from the inside.

I’m from Germany but I love Scotland. We came here a lot on childhood holidays. I also have family here. When I finished school I thought I’d go to Scotland. I chose Dundee because of the course. I really like it: the campus, the city - it was always a place I could see myself living in.

It’s small but I like that. It’s a beautiful city with the Tay and the campus is really nice. It’s also central in Scotland. You can hop on a bus and be in Aberdeen, Edinburgh or Glasgow within two hours.

If there’s anyone overseas who wants to do science, especially anatomical sciences, they should absolutely come here because it’s a fantastic place to learn those things.”