Vaisakh Puthusseryppady, Anatomical Sciences BSc

“I feel CAHID has trained me well to become a scientist. From scientific knowledge to other key skills, like how to reference, write reports, and things like that.

The course is exactly what I expected it to be. I had an interest in anatomy, but in a non-clinical context, so medicine wasn’t an option for me. I expected to study the structures and functions of the human body and that’s exactly what we’ve done. I wasn’t expecting to do actual dissections, so that was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t expect the Thiel-embalmed cadavers to look as lifelike as they did. I’m a visual learner, so that part of the course helped me quite a bit. It’s a hand on course and I’m really grateful that CAHID gave me the opportunity to learn in that way.

The course work that we’ve been given is great. I want to become a researcher and I feel this has prepared me really well. The approach to teaching is excellent. The lecturers are both very knowledgeable and approachable. They’ve always been helpful in general. If you don’t know something, they guide you through the process of improving.

I appreciate the Centre’s approach to teaching. There’s the right balance between practice and theory. For instance, we would have a lecture on a particular part of the body, then following that we would have a three hour dissection. It reinforced the knowledge, helping to embed what you’ve learned into your memory. The things you see in the dissection room really stay with you.  

I’m originally from India, but I’ve lived around the whole world, including Canada and Singapore. I was in school in Denmark when I decided to apply. I started by looking at the league tables for the subject and Dundee was clearly quite high up for anatomy so that was a key factor. My supervisor, who was guiding me through the UCAS procedure, knew a lot about Dundee, and she only had good things to say, so that helped me a lot. 

Next, I’m doing a Masters programme in Neuroscience in London and the CAHID course has helped me realise my academic passion and has prepared me really well."