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CAHID co-organises 'murder mystery' community programme  - 14/10/14

Queen curious about Richard III dig - 27/02/14

Body found in sea near Skye identified as Kirkcaldy man - 27/02/14

The University of Dundee's Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification created an impression of a man found in sea near Skye. This led to the body being identified following a five-month public appeal.

Life Stories inspire Dundee Women's Festival - 26/02/14

Professor Sue Black of Dundee University, a world authority on forensic anthropology and human identification to take part in Dundee Women's Festival discussion.

Mindblowing - Dundee forensic artist puts face to Crystal Head Vodka - 19/02/14

Sue Black: "We might live 20 years longer, but what will be the quality of our life in that time?" - 06/02/14

Syrian torture photos 'most distressing' Scots forensic expert has seen - 22/01/14

Forensic team that helped reconstruct face of Richard III honoured - 22/11/13

Hand of child abuser identified in images - 18/10/13

Sex slave couple jailed - 23/10/13

Reconstructing the head of Robert Burns - 04/10/13

Forensic Scientists to re-examine Appin murders -  11/09/13

David Guy dismemberment: David Hilder guilty of manslaughter - 30/07/13

How Corstorphine crimebusters now target paedophiles -  06/07/14

Edinburgh Murder: Remains in Shallow Grave - 12/06/13

Body discovered in woods identified as man missing for 14 years - 21/05/13

Amanda Hutton Sentenced for Starving Son to Death - 10/04/13

A Better Cadaver - 18/03/13

Baby remains found near Edinburgh cemetary - 03/03/13

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Corstorphine Hill body: Victim had left husband - 03/03/13

Skull discovered at Musselburgh golf course - 23/02/13

Dundee University's Professor Sue Black hailed in power poll - 13/02/13

Gemma McCluskie's Father Walks Out as Court Told 'Killer Hacked Her Into Six Piece' - 17/01/13

Betty Brown case: Fresh appeal over woodland death - 11/01/13

Moira Anderson body not found at Old Monkland Cemetary - 10/01/13

Dundee school pupil up for award for cadaver research - 08/01/13

How We Met: Val McDermid & Professor Sue Black - 13/05/12

Interview with Professor Sue Black - 16/04/12

Professor Sue Black and team win Dundee University's inaugural Stephen Fry award - 16/01/12

Historical Facial Reconstruction - 27/10/11

The Viste Boy

Simon of Sudbury

Victim Identification - 08/10/11

Crime writers back Dundee University £1m morgue fund - 19/06/11

Paedophile Ring Guilty Of Sex Offences - 07/05/09

Ground-breaking research and forensic investigation from the Centre has lead to the successful conviction of a ring of paedophiles from Scotland – Prof Sue Black, Dr Chris Rynn and Dr Xanth Mallett.

Doubts cast on Chessmen origins  (Lewis Chess Piece Research) - 10/11/09

Publicity relating to recent analysis of the Lewis Chessmen by Prof Caroline Wilkinson in collaboration with Dr David Caudwell, National Museum of Scotland and Mark Hall, Perth Museum. Nov 2009.

J.S Back (in collaboration with the Bachhaus) - 04/03/08

Clonycavan man: A bog body (with the National Museum of Ireland) - 02/06

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Professor Sue Black on BBC Radio 4's 'The Life Scientific' - 25/02/14

Professor Sue Black on BBC Radio 4's 'Woman's Hour' - 25/02/14

Professor Sue Black speaks about her work on BBC Radio 4's 'Woman's Hour'.




Cold Case Series 1 & 2 (2010 and 2011)

Shine Productions commissioned by BBC2

A popular archaeological science series of 4 main investigations using forensic science based at CAHID; featuring Dr Xanthe Mallett, Prof Sue Black, Prof Caroline Wilkinson, Dr Wolfram Meier-Augenstein, Dr Chris Rynn and Caroline Erolin.

“Show me the Mummy" : the Face of Takabuti

BBC N. Ireland 60 minute program relating to the analysis and facial depiction of Princess Takabuti, an Egyptian mummy housed at the National Museum in Belfast.
Included several interviews with Prof Caroline Wilkinson as facial anthropology expert. Shown Mon 19 Oct 2009, 21:00 on BBC One (NI only), Mon 19 Oct 2009, 22:00 on BBC HD and Tue 27 Oct 2009, 22:30 on BBC HD.

Cleopatra: Portrait of a killer

60 minute program includes research and interviews with Prof Caroline Wilkinson and Dr Chris Rynn as facial anthropology experts - broadcast on Mon 23 Mar 2009, 21:00 on BBC One and Mon 6 Apr 2009, 22:00 on BBC HD.

Who was Jesus?

(Renegrade Productions) 3 programmes shown Discovery Channel UK, 29 Nov to 13 Dec 2009: Facial Reconstruction by Prof Caroline Wilkinson and interview with Caroline Needham as facial anthropology expert.

Death Masks

The History Channel US, October 26, 2009
Series of five 60 minutes programmes. Includes research and interviews with Prof Caroline Wilkinson as facial anthropology expert in 3 programmes.

The Screaming Mummy

May-June 2008
Television documentary produced by Atlantic Productions following the analysis and depiction of the facial appearance of an ancient Egyptian mummy known as ‘the screaming man’ - includes appearance and interview by Prof Caroline Wilkinson as a facial anthropology expert and Caroline Needham as a forensic artist. Shown on Discovery Channel, National Geographic and History Channel.

Egypt Unwrapped

One-Hour Series for National Geographic / five / FremantleMedia

CAHId on Crimewatch