School Events

Prof Sue Black is on the Young Person’s Committee of the RSE and so have an active involvement in their outreach programmes - honoured with Inspiration Award in 2008.

2009 - Forensics Rookies at Lathallan - a multi-platform three-day outreach project designed to encourage school pupils into science careers. 40 pupils from Latahallan school experienced different aspects of a forensic investigation. A full-scale forensic investigation was performed on Lathallan School grounds, and Eyeline Media filmed the entire process, from deposition to conclusion, with a view to potentially developing this work into educational packages and programmes that may be adopted by other schools.

Staff involved: Dr Xanthe Mallet, Dr. Randolph-Quinney and a number of postgraduate students.

RSE@schools – The staff within the group are actively involved in engagement with schools through the RSE project and we have given their Christmas lecture on 2 occasions – which brings together an audience of at least 10 local schools and both of these have been held on the West Coast.  The lectures include:

  • Inverness Royal Academy, Inverness
  • Mackie Academy, Stonehaven
  • Harris Academy, Dundee
  • Dundee High School
  • St. John’s School
  • Arbroath High School
  • Arbroath Academy
  • Mearns Academy, Fettercairn
  • Monifieth High
  • Websters High School, Kirriemuir
  • Hutcheson’s Grammar, Glasgow
  • St. Margarets, Edinburgh
  • Lathallan, Johnshaven
  • Tobermory Secondary, Mull
  • Brechin High School, Brechin
  • Robert Gordon’s, Aberdeen
  • Huntly Academy, Huntly
  • Murray Schools, Huntly

RSE Masterclasses – The RSE Masterclasses are run at the University on a Saturday morning and on average we will teach 20-25 students – June 2008, May 2009.  These come from local schools within the Tayside area.  We run a murder mystery workshop which lasts for the morning and in the past these have been run by Dr Randolph-Quinney and Prof Sue Black with assistance from other members of staff.

Sensation – We have assisted in exhibitions, given public lectures and workshops in alliance with Sensation throughout the last two years.

Techfest – For the last 4 years we have been heavily involved in the Techfest, which is a schools festival of Science that is held in the Grampian and Moray regions.  This usually involves approximately 8-10 schools on an annual basis (Oct 2008, 2009, 2010). Dr Patrick Randolph-Quinney and Xanthe Mallett assisted by postgraduate students.

Higher Biology Symposium – This is hosted within the University but brings in schools from the Tayside area and we always present talks at these events. Dr Patrick Randolph-Quinney and Dr Xanthe Mallett. 2008 and 2009.

Discovering Degrees – Again this is held within the University and is aimed to encourage student recruitment from the local communities.  We always present at this event and it is usually 10 or more lectures at a time to ensure that we present to all the schools. Dr Patrick Randolph-Quinney and Dr Xanthe Mallett. 2009 and 2009.

Webster’s High Project –to influence the retention rate of students in the sciences.  On the first day Prof Sue Black gave the opening lecture to all the third year pupils and then a series of science related lectures was arranged throughout the rest of the day.  On the second day, we ran a series of workshops for the second years.  These were manned by our academic staff and postgraduate students.  Sue Black then returned to the school and gave a public lecture to the parents and families and then the pupils showed their families what they had learned. Nov 2008 and 2009

Arbroath High School - 18th January 08 – Facial Reconstruction workshop - Caroline Needham

Lathallen - 8th December 08 - Facial Reconstruction workshop - Caroline Needham

St John High School, Dundee - Facial Reconstruction workshop - 16th December 08 – Caroline Needham

Forfar Academy - Wednesday 17th June 09 – Facial Reconstruction workshop - Caroline Needham

Education Innovation Day, UoD - Forensic Research Presentation – Dr Xanthe Mallett – 22 May 2009