Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification (CAHID) Greenhouse Research Studentship

The School of Science and Engineering are delighted to offer a 4 year fully funded
(UK/EU/RUK) PhD studentship based at CAHID. Students are required to teach within
the dissecting room throughout semesters 1 and 2 and to assist with other classes as
and when required.
Eligibility : Candidates MUST have an undergraduate or Master degree which includes
experience in full body gross anatomical human dissection.
Research area : We have a number of research projects associated with the current
Greenhouse research scholarship award and candidates are requested to indicate
which of these projects they wish to apply against.
PhD Greenhouse projects
1. Can we identify someone from their forearm? This project will utilise
extensive databases of images of forearms to examine the use of surface (nevi, scars
etc) anatomy and vein patterns of the forearm in identification from images, creating an
understanding of the variation in anatomy of this area and datasets which will underpin
current forensic practice.
2. Juvenile skeletal response to changing forces and the impact on trabecular
bone development Understanding of the ways in which the juvenile skeleton responds
to changing forces is key to understanding the development of trabecular structure and
organisation. Through qualitative and quantitative analysis of juvenile skeletal remains,
this project will aim to describe the changes that occur in trabecular bone organisation
and structure through development and assess the effect of changing mechanical
loading on key trabecular bone parameters.
3. Does identification from skin knuckle creases transfer from the biometric
into the forensic arena? This project will utilise the extensive databases held in CAHID
to validate the use of skin knuckle creases in the hand for forensic identification from
images. The project will include examining knuckle creases in different dynamic poses
and will seek to quantify differences that exist between individuals and within
We invite applications from suitable qualified candidates to submit their full CV and a
one page A4 summary of their suggestions for developing their research project choice
from the available projects. Applications should reach Professor Niamh Nic Daeid
(n.nicdaeid@dundee.ac.uk) by the 31st January 2017. Shortlisted applicants will be
called for interview in early February.