CAHID offers an exciting range of different programmes including undergraduate, taught postgraduate (MSc) and continuing professional development courses. At undergraduate level, we offer a BSc Anatomical Sciences and a BSc Forensic Anthropology. Both of these will give you a superb grounding in the anatomical sciences, while the final year allows you to study specialist topics in your chosen subject area.

Our MSc programmes cover a range of subjects, building on the reputation and skills of our Centre and its highly qualified staff, all of whom carry out research. Additionally, our forensic staff are all working practitioners, accredited at the highest level in the UK (certified FAI). Available are MSc programmes in Forensic Anthropology; Anatomy and Advanced Forensic Anthropology; Human Anatomy; Forensic Art and Facial Identification; and Medical Art. From 2016/17, a brand new MSc Forensic Archaeology and Forensic Anthropology will also be offered, the only one of its kind in the UK.

The research projects undertaken as part of these courses benefit from the multidisciplinary approach of our university, where extensive contact with other subject areas allows you to carry out a project catering to your particular interests. In consultation with your supervisor, you may like to carry out an interdisciplinary project involving orthopaedics, law, engineering, design, image analysis, odontology, zoology, surgery, radiology, botany, and computing, for example. These projects will allow you to consolidate and expand the knowledge you have gained throughout the course, providing a solid research foundation in your chosen area.