Full Name Role
Sue Black
Professor of Anatomy and Forensic Anthropology
Director of CAHID, Human Identification research, expert forensic practitioner
Tracey Wilkinson
Principal Anatomist and Cox Chair of Anatomy
Principal Anatomist and Cox Chair of Anatomy
Amal Albtoosh
PhD Research Student
Abdul Alraddadi
PhD Research Student
Anatomical Analysis and Management of Shoulder Impingement Syndrome
Catherine Carr
Teaching Lecturer
Craig Cunningham
Lecturer in Anatomy
'Teaching and supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate anatomy and forensic anthropology students; curator of Scheuer collection; licenced teacher of anatomy; trabecular bone research; forensic anthropologist
Roos Eisma
Operational Manager and Scientific Officer Thiel Cadaver Facility
Operational Manager and Scientific Officer Thiel Cadaver Facility
Caroline Erolin (Needham)
Lecturer, MSc Forensic & Medical AArt/Part-Time PhD Student
Research into Digital Anatomy models, Medical Art teacher and practitioner.
Paul Felts
Senior Lecturer
Histology of the nervous system
Eilidh Ferguson
PhD Research Student
Lucina Hackman
Lecturer in Human Identification
Lecturer in Human Identification and expert forensic practitioner
Toby Houlton
PhD Research Student
Tsantsa Research: the mummification, morphology and culture of shrunken heads.
Amanda Hunter
Greenhouse Anatomy Demonstrator / PhD Scholarship
Prosector, Plastination and Technical support.
Bader Khawaji
PhD Research Student
Anatomy and function of the hindfoot ligaments
Clare Lamb
Senior Lecturer in Anatomy (Teaching & Scholarship)
Stenton Mackenzie
PhD Research Student / Demonstator
Transsexual research : FTM faces
Gillian Malone
Centre Clerical Assistant
Stella McClure
Senior Lecturer
Vivienne McGuire
PA to Professor Black/Bequest Secretary, University of Dundee
Helen Meadows
Post-Doctoral Research Assistant
Pereira Zeilmann
Non Graduating Student
Angela Reid (nee Macdonald)
Lecturer (Teaching & Scholarship)
Christopher Rynn
Jennifer Scherr
Mortuary Manager
Thiel Cadaver Mortuary Manager
Sarah Shrimpton
PhD Research Student
Samantha Skene
Laboratory Technical Assistant
Harriet Stratton
PhD Research Student
Vein pattern analysis for forensic human identification.
Seaneen Tennent
PhD Research Student
Tissue preservation