Clare Lamb


Clare Lamb
Senior Lecturer in Anatomy (Teaching and Scholarship)
Centre for Anatomy & Human Identification, University of Dundee, Dundee

Senior Lecturer in Anatomy (Teaching and Scholarship)

I teach gross human anatomy to 3rd year students and anatomical variation to final year students. I also teach gross anatomy to the MSc Anatomy postgraduate students. Through these courses I aim to provide the students with a good knowledge of the structures that make up the human body and how they can differ from individual to individual. Although anatomy is one of the oldest subjects taught at Universities worldwide, it is not a subject trapped in the past but one that adapts to new techniques and the changing requirements of our students. As part of this, I am also involved in the application of the Thiel embalming technique to our undergraduate and postgraduate anatomy courses.  To help with the transition from formalin to Thiel I am in the process of creating a dissection manual for our science students which will give them a step-by-step guide to dissection of the human body.  For example, below is a page from the new manual.

I teach gross anatomy 1 and 2 lectures and practicals, MSc gross anatomy lectures/practicals. Final year module - human anatomical variation. I usually put forward 2 hons projects a year, one SSC project a year (also 1 MSc project supervisor) and I'm a Phase 1 medicine tutor. I'm also an advisor of studies and anatomy editor for the AXIS journal.