Erli Sarilita


Image of Erli Sarilita
PhD Research Student
Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification, University of Dundee, Dundee

An Evaluation of Craniofacial Reconstruction Standards field: craniofacial reconstruction - craniofacial anatomy - forensic identification

An Evaluation of Facial Reconstruction Standards
The aim of this study is to evaluate various aspects (facial muscles and palpebral attachments on the skull, dento-skeletal classes, dentate/edentulous jaw, soft tissue depths) which form human face to aid forensic facial reconstruction by cadaveric dissection and imaging (lateral cephalograms and CT scan) study.
Erli has an MSc Human Anatomy the from University of Dundee. This, alongside her current current PhD research, is funded by the Directorate General of Higher Education - Indonesia Ministry of Education Scholarship.
She is also a dentist and a lecturer at the Faculty of Dentistry Universitas Padjadjaran Indonesia .