Viviane Lira


Image of Viviane Lira
PhD Research Student
CAHID Address: Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification, University of Dundee, Dundee

Age estimation methods in the living in relation to a modern Roma population

An investigation of age estimation methods in the living in relation to a modern Roma population

Age estimation in living aims to establish the chronological age based on radiological examination of skeletal and dental development of a person that is unable or unwilling to prove their age by documentation. In the forensic context it is mostly applicable in cases which involve the investigation of age in judicial proceedings or asylum seekers, in order to establish whether the person is a minor or not. Given the increasing number of children in Eastern Europe, especially Romanian, trafficked to countries like France or UK to perform small crimes such as theft and begging and / or being sexually exploited, it is necessary to establish which methods have a higher reliability for the estimation of age in this population, once the minor involved can be both victim and perpetrator. So, this project aims to test five different standards used for age estimation of living in a Roma Romanian contemporaneous population through the skeletal maturity of the hand.

Her PhD is funded by the Brazilian Government through the CNPq- Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development).