Thiel Cadaver Facility

One of the most selfless acts a human can do is to donate his/her body to medical education and research, so we feel it is important to make the most of this wonderful gift. We have therefore invested heavily in our anatomy provision, building a brand new facility that brings a whole new perspective to body donation.

We use the Thiel embalming method, which results in more realistic, moveable and flexible cadavers with a much wider application. As well as providing bodies for all our undergraduate and postgraduate students to learn anatomy or carry out research, we also work closely with our clinical and surgical colleagues to train the next generation of doctors, using these remarkable Thiel cadavers. Their unique properties make them ideal for many areas of research, and we use these advantages to push the boundaries of medical research and training.

To find out more about how you can run a course or carry out research in our Thiel facility, please contact: