Facility Use

In our Thiel cadaver facility we provide a service which includes access to cadavers, scientific support before, during and after the session, and technical support - we do not sell bodies or body parts.

Before work can be carried out we require a description of the proposed work. We will advise if ethical approval is needed, and will work out a costing. The work can then be planned based on the user’s needs and our availability of cadavers and rooms. Most projects need approval from our Thiel Advisory Committee. We strongly advise to discuss any plans with us before submitting a grant proposal that includes cadaver work.

Each cadaver can be used for a large number of procedures and courses, and our staff will work closely with you to select the most suitable cadaver for your work and to schedule planned work for each cadaver in the best order.

The costs associated with cadaver work cover our staff time related to the session, a contribution to our costs related to the embalming of the cadavers such as chemicals, infrastructure and staff, and  costs for using our facilities, or transport costs if the work takes place elsewhere.

We are happy to support free pilot studies to explore the suitability of the cadavers for new procedures.

For further information please contact: cahid-tcf@dundee.ac.uk